Macalla: Creggan Library St Patricks College DCU Drumcondra

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Macalla Echo Exhibition of Glass sound objects 5th April – 28th April Open Monday – Friday

Sounding an echo is a magical moment, which is followed by marvel, curiosity and joy! Creating an echo requires particular science and a touch of alchemy, two essential ingredients also needed for glassmaking. MACALLA sound suspended in time, repeats. Volume, movement and distance, an Echo describes dimension through space.

As a collection of displayed objects these works communicate through pose – a visual echo of sound and light, created through articulating form. Some resemble ethnic musical instruments suggesting a method of playing or tone; some suggest dialogue through their relationship to each other.

As performance pieces, the composition becomes one of human interaction with Glass. Innate qualities of the material: resonance, timbre and fragility, contribute to the sound and tension of each performance. A composition of sound, source and musician, changes with the performance and the performer. The glass object becomes a tool for communicating ideas in different contexts, Macalla – an echo of patterns and traditions in our music. Sometimes the resulting sounds are unfamiliar – new. To create new sound is rare, exhilarating, challenging and continues to be on going artistic investigation.

Róisín de Buitléar

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