Knock Shrine commission completed.

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Pilgrimage – a two year long commission for the Basilica of Knock has been completed. The two entrance corridors flank the new tobar or well feature in the central arrival area to the Basilica, recalling the collecting of people in early cletic times around a sacred site, or well with curative powers.

The imagery creates a vision of open landscape, echoing the experience of approaching and leaving Knock. It also serves as a metaphor for the openness of clear thinking and a peaceful state of mind. On approach to the Basilica the strong yellow colours draw the pilgrim in to the main vestibule.  The two corridors of windows work in synergy with each other, transparent areas allowing the pilgrim to look though them see the apparition site and chapel of reconciliation outside, and and view the window opposite. On exiting the Basilica, the individual painted figures and the dispersing pilgrims outside become integrated into the window, the setting and purpose merge as one. As every pilgrim leaves the shrine, they carry with them a parting phrase or thought of the psalms.


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